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About an year ago I visited Goa on my vacations and that was the one of the most memorable moments in my life. Goa holidays are full of enjoyment and you always enjoy the scenic beauty formed by confluence of Goa beach and hills of western ghat. Goa is a place where east meets the west and the mixture of cultures make it a very exotic place to visit.

Goa, on the west coast of India is a land of swaying palms, miles of golden sands, lush greenery, an incredible cultural heritage, magnificent churches, temples and monuments and a unique cultural synthesis of the east and west.

Goa is a southern state of India ,one of the smallest states and most visited tourism place in India.It is particularly famous for its beaches
and churches.Before british rule ,Goa was under the control of Portugal and so, you can see a mixture of culture of british ,portugal and India.

Goa holidays are full of colour for everyone, whether you are married or single, young or old, black or white, Goa has got a great vacation for you. I have visited Goa for around seven times and it still attracts me for a great vacation.It is a clean state and its atmosphere is soothing and mesmerizing.If you are looking for peace ,Goa can be a place for you.If you are looking for some rocking cruise parties ,again, Goa will not let you down.

I have described various places in Goa in great detail , just take a look at the links below and get some great reasons to spend your vacations and holidays. Enjoy your time in Goa with your friend and family.
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