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bangalore trip- famous places in indiaBangalore now called as Bengalooru is the capital city of the southern state of Karnatka and one of the famous places in India frequently visited by tourists travelling to the state of Karnatka in India.It is one of the most fastly growing metropolitan in India has second highest literacy rate among metropolitans.

A legendry story is associated with the name of this city.The story has been beautifully described at and so I am citing the words from this site.

Legend goes that King Veeraballa of Vijayanagara once lost his way in forest. Hungry and tired, he came upon a lone hut in the thick forest where he met an old woman.When he asked for food, she gave him baked beans ('Benda Kalu' in Karnataka).The King found this humble meal taste better than the richest fare.To commemorate this incident, he called the place "Benda Kalu Ooru"(place of baked beans). Bangalore today is getting popular though for a different variety of Beans-JavaBeans.
bangalore vcation- tourism places in indiaOwing to its predominant contribution in IT industry Bangalore is also known as the 'silicon valley of India'.Bangalore is the "Garden City of India" with its many gardens and boulevards. Its pleasant climate and laid-back charm attracted many senior citizens and thus later on came to be called at "the retired man's paradise". And of course what is Bangalore without all its Pubs. Its is now also called the Pub City with over 200 Pubs all over the town.

How to reach Bangalore-

Being a fastly growing cetre and heart and hub cetre for most of the multinational IT companies ,Bangalore is well connected to most of the parts of India and also to many parts of Asia and Europe.

Reaching Bangalore by flight-
Bangalore international airport was opened in May 2008 and became one of the busiest and moden airports in India. It is located 30 kms away from main city at Devanahalli. It receives direct flights from many parts of Asia and Europe. It also receives many domestic flights connecting Bangalore to almost every major city of India .By the end of 2008 it has started receiving many other parts of the world like USA, Singapore, Australia and middle east.

Reaching Bangalore by Train-
Bangalore two major railway stations-
  • Bangalore City and,
  • Yeshwantpur
Bangalore city station is situated in the heart of the city and most of the trains (both intrastate and interstae) arrive and depart from here.
Yeshwantpur junction is located on Tumkur road (NH-4) and it mostly receives a few mostly long distance trains from northern part of India.
Ticket bookings can be done through many railway counters situted all across the country or it may be done online.To book a ticket online visit the official website of railway or search for an online travel agent through google.

Reaching Bangalore by Bus-
The main bus stand of Bangalore is known by three names- 'Kempegowda bus station' or 'Karnatka state road transport corporation' or 'Majestic bus station' and receives buses that run between Bangalore and nearby major cities like Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Mangalore, Coimbatore etc.Buses can be luxury buses, deluxe buses, A/c volvo buses and even buses with sleeper facility for night travel.

The main bus stand of 'the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) ,' which maintains bus services within the city, is located next to the Kempegowda Bus Station. BMTC has now introduced Air conditioned Volvo buses in order to maintain the status of the IT city.

Where to stay in Bangalore-

Being a fast growing metro city, one of the favourite travel destinations in India, and heart and hub centre of IT industry Bangalore has numerous hotels spread all over the city but most of the hotels are expensive.Finding a chjeper hotel in Bangalore is like finding a needle from a heap of straw.Most of the hotels charge higher amount when compared to the facilities they provide.
Wikitravel has got a list of hotels here.

It is always advisable to make prior arrangements of accommodation through a travel agent or through internet to avoid hassles when you reach there or to avoid getting ripped off your money by touts.

Eating out in Bangalore-

Bangalore has numerous fast food stalls spread all over the city.They are cheper option to enjoy to enjoy some nice south indian vegeterian recipes.Idlis, vadas, Dosa and other other south indian recipes are not hard to find in Bangalore.Many restaurants also offer some north Indian cuisines that you would love eating.
Apart from budget places to eat you can also find mid-range, and expensive places to eat.If you are not able to find an appropriate place to eat, just ask some local person.They will help you out.Locals of Bangalore are very much helpful.

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Places to see in Bangalore

Monuments in Bangalore
* Vidhan Soudha
* Vikas soudha
* Attara kacheri
* Bangalore Palace
* Sheshadri Iyer memorial Hall
* Tipu Sultan's Palace

Gardens in Bangalore
* Lal Bagh
* Cubbon Park
* Bannerghatta national Park
* Lumbini Garden
* Wonder la amusement Park

Temples in Bangalore

* Bull Temple
* ISKCON Temple
* Mahabodhi society Temple
* The Shiva Statue

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