Places to see in Bangalore-

Bangalore ,popularly known as the "garden city" has numerous places to see which includes, historical monuments, beautiful parks and gardens ,temples and much more.Bangalore offers a perfect trip to spend your vacation with your friend and family.

Monuments in Bangalore-

Vidhan Soudha-

Bangalore trip- famous places in india- vidhan soudhaThis place was built in 1956 and is the Legislative House of state of Karnatka. The building has been constructed in neo-dravidian style and is one of the most imposing structures in India. The sight of this building is worth seeing on sundays between 7 pm- 8 pm when it fully illuminated. It was conceived and executed by Kengal Hanumanthaiah, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka in 1956.
One of the interesting feature of this building in grand stairs in its front. The grand stairs has a flight of forty-five steps 62 m (204 ft) wide 21 m (70 ft) deep giving a direct access to the foyer of first floor leading to an Assembly Chamber.

Vikaas Soudha-

It was constructed in february 2005 and lies just adjacent to Vidhan Soudha.Built in same style as Vidhan Soudha it s equipped with latest gadgets and gizmos to govern the state.

Attara Kacheri-

highcourt- bangalore vacation- tourism places in indiaThis building built in Gothic style is the high court of the State of Karnatka.The building was built in 1867 and lies directly opposite to the Vidhan Soudha.

Bangalore Palace-

bangalore palace- bangalore trip-famous places in indiaThe palace built in style similar to that of castles of Normandy and Engla during medieval period was built in 1887 by Waldeyar dynasty. The interior of the palace has beautiful wood carvings and Tudor-style architecture.For many years the building was neglected as a tourist attraction, but is now open to the public. The fee is Rs. 100/200 Indian/Foreigner and 500 to take photos even of the exterior. Within the premises of the Bangalore castle lies a well preserved Ganpati temple.

Seshadri Iyer memorial hall-

Located in Cubbon park this place is the state's library and has huge collection of reference books.The building is made from red stone and is a magnificient building in Bangalore. The grounds include a children's recreation area with a toy train, fairground and theater. The library remains closed on Monday.

Tipu Sultan's Palace-

This monument was built in 1790 and was the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan.The building is a two storeyed structure mainly made of wood with finely embellished balconies, pillars and arches. The palace was built by Haider Ali and was completed by his son Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan used to call it as 'The Envy of Heaven'.

Gardens in Bangalore-

Lal Bagh-

Lal bagh- bangalore vacation- tourism places in indiaCovering an area of about 240 acres this park was laid out by Haider Ali in 1760.The Glass House, inspired by the Crystal Palace in London is a favourite spot in Lalbagh which hosts the famous Flower show during the month of August.
It is said to be the most romantic park in India and contains many lotus ponds, glass houses and 3.0 billion years old stone formations.A flower show is held during the week preceeding Indian Independence day (August 15) and Republic day (January 26) in the Glass House. This flower show features exquisite flowers and patterns designed by the experienced gardeners of Lalbagh.

Cubbon Park-

This park is named after Lt.General sir Mark Cubbon who laid out this park in 1864. Spread over a span of 250 acres this park is quite apt for long walks and lazing away sitting in the shade. Inside the park there is a children's amusement park, a doll's museum toy train. Because of its location in the centre of the city ,this park is also called as the lung of the city.

Bannerghatta national park-

Located on the southern outskirts of the city this national park has a span of about250 sq. kilometers and is is home to wild animals like bison, leopard, wild boar as well as being an important corridor for elephants migrating between the eastern and western ghats.

Lumbini Gardens-

This newly built garden is quite an apt one to spend your vacations with your friends and family.Boat rides, wave pool and children' garden are the major attractions of the park. A boat ride here is really enjoyable.

Wonder la amusement park-

Like Lumbini Garden this is also a newly built park in Bangalore and infact most enjoyable spots present in Bangalore .It is located on the outskirts of the city on the Mysore Road.You can get more information about this park on

Temples in Bangalore-

Bull Temple-

bangalore travel- famous places in india-nandi templeThis temple got its name because of a vast statue of the bull that has been carved out from a single boulder, which depicts Nandi, the sacred bull of lord Shiva.The temple is located in Basavangudi.
One of the oldest temples of Bangalore, Dodda Ganapathi is situated just beside the Bull temple.

ISKCON Temple-

bangalore trip- tourism places in india- ISKCON templeISKCON are centers of spiritual learning through Godly association, where a visitor is inspired to learn more about Spiritual life. The ISKCON temple is situated in Rajajinagar on the top of a hillock and is surrounded by awesome scenic beauty.There is a magnificent main temple hall, which houses the altars of Their Lordships Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra, Sri Krishna Balarama & Sri Nitai Gouranga. Also one can see the Golden Chandelier that is shaped like an inverted Lotus Flower.

Maha Bodhi society temple-

This is relatively anewer structure and is replica of the main Mahabodhi Stupa of Bodh Gaya, in state of Bihar.The calmness of the environment here is mesmerizing.

The Shiva Statue-

bangalore vacation- shiva temple- famous places in indiaLocated on the Old airport road this place has a huge statue of Lord Shiva (about 65 mts. high) surrounded by a pool of water.It has the backdrop of Mount Kailash the Lord's heavenly abode and the river Ganga flowing from his matted locks as depicted in the mythology. The place is heavily crowded during the festival of Mahashivratri.

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