Places to see in Dalhousie-

Located on the western edge of Dhauladhar peak this famous hill station of India is quite apt to relax, retreat and rejuvenate not only your body but even your soul. The forested hills around the town of Dalhousie give an excellent view and shows the splendour of nature.These hills are covered with a thick growth of ban oak, rhododendron, pine and deodar (cedar) tress, and a large variety of shrubbery.

Some of the places worth visiting in Dalhousie are-


Panchpula, dalhousie himachal, famous places in indiaThis exquisitely beautiful place lies barely 3kms from the centre of the town of Dalhousie (GPO). The main water supply of Dalhousie comes from the stream of Panchpula.he stream springs from the north side of Dayan Kund and runs down a picturesque ravine to the waterworks of Panchpula. One of the great revolutionary, Ajit Singh died here and a samadhi has been built in his memory . This monument is beautifully placed at a site where several streams meet at one place.There is a Tourism restaurant and several chai shops in Panchpula that offer hot and cold beverages and snacks.
On the way to Panchpula lies Satdhara ,an overly beautiful stream with cool, clean and freshning water. The water of this spring is said to have medicinal property.


This building was constructed during the year 1933 by Dr. N.R.Dharamvir of Lahore and it used to be the private residence of Dharamvirs. This place gained popularity because Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,3One of the freedom fighters stayed here for a period of seven months. This place of historical importance lies about 50 kms from GPO (heart of Dalhousie).An insignificant looking board bearing the name of Kynance hangs from a tree and is discernible to only those tourists who have an eye for details.

Norwood Paramdham-

Lying about 5kms from Gandhi Chowk this beautiful building is located on the eastern side of the Bakrota hill and is locally popular by name of Kainth wali Kothi. This building surrounded by forest of Deodar tree gained importance due to a Yogi.During 1925 a young Yogi Swami Satyanand came to Dalhousie and stayed here. He meditated here and took a silent vow that he will not break his fast till he finds the truth and God.


Kalatop- dalhousie india- famous places in indiaLocated about 10 kms from GPO (heart of Dalhousie) this beautiful place is netled at a height of about 8000 feets.Dalhousie water system, Tibetan Handicraft Centre and Dalhousie Potato Farm at Ahla. Lakkarmandi is nestled between 8600 feet high DayanKund peak on its right and Kalatop on the left. Dayan Kund has military installations and is closed to civilians except the local people who visit Bhulwani Mata temple near DayanKund. The best way to explore this place is by walking and trekking towards it but it requires a good health and is pretty much tiring.


Khajjar- dalhousie himachal- tourism places in indiaLying at a height of about 6400 fts. this beautiful place is called as the 'mini Switzerland' ( because of meadowy look) and lies about 23 kms from Dalhousie and 13 kms from Kalatop. Khajjar is a stunning valley with a spring in the middle, while being quite beautiful, it gets littered with trash in the peak season of July when a massive amount of tourists come. Surrounded by a thick forest of pine and Deodar Khajjar is delight to watch and grazing goats and cttles gives a perfect pastoral view. A temple dedicated to Khajji Nag is located here and it is believed to be built in 12th century. The centre of the temple has life size statues of Pandavs and the defeated Kaurvas hanging from the roof of the circumambulatory path. The sanctum of the temple has been beautifully carved from wood.


Bharmaur- dalhousie india- travelling to indiaLying about 63 kms from Chamba this place is called as the 'land of Gaddies or Bharmaur'. It remained the seat of power of state of Chamba for about 400 years when it was known by the name of Brahmpur. Bharmaur is known for some very old archaelogical remains of temples.All these temples stand on a level area, which call the Chaurasi after the 84 Siddhas who are believed to have meditated in Bharmaur over 1000 years ago. These Siddhas hailed from Kurukshetra and visited Manimahesh. The oldest temple in the complex are of Ganesh and Lakshna Devi. The Manimahesh is the tallest temple in the complex and has been built in Shikhara style.There is a small water source called Ardh Ganda in a corner of the temple complex. Bathing in its water is considered religiously significant.

bharmaur- dalhousie himachal- famous places in indiaThe place around Bharmaur is believed to be belonging to Lord Shiva and thats why it is sometimes referred to as Shiva Bhumi (Land of Shiva). Just about 4 kms from this archaelogical site lies the temple of Bharmani Devi. It lies on a hill top and trek upto this place is quite revitalizing.

Mani Mahesh-

Mani mahesh- Dalhousie india- tourism places in indiaThe place lies about 28 kms from Bharmaur and is one of the most famous pilgrimage centre of the area.In the month of August/September the famous JATRA of Mani-Mahesh commences from Laxmi-Narayana Temple in Chamba.Off late people from north India and beyond have started visiting this sacred lake. According to an estimate nearly one lakh people visit this sacred lake every year and take a holy dip. The lake is situated at the base of the hill called as Mani Mahesh Kailash hill and is situated at a height of about 13,500 ft.


Chhatrari- dalhousie himachal- travelling to indiaThis small village situated about 45 kms from Chamba is famous for the hill style temple Shamti Devi. The temple is regarded as one of the holiest ones competing with well known temples of "Lakshna Devi" at Bharmour and of "Bhawani" at Kangra.he Shakti Devi temple is of interest owning to the elaborate decoration of its facade, ceiling and pillar. The sanctum, its architecture and sculpture betray a conscious effort on part of its builder to introduce a highly refined post Gupta art in this remote part of Chamba.

Other temples in the region are temple of Gauri Shankar which is believed to be built in 10th century AD.A few minutes walk up the mountain slopes from the main village is the Charauta temple which houses a stone image of BHATOD NAG who gives water to the people in return for one black and four white goats every three years. There are 36 water sources in the village around which beautiful PANIHARS (Fountain slabs) can be seen.

Churches in Dalhousie-

St. Patrick's Church-

This3is the largest church in Dalhousie and is located about 2kms from Dalhousie bus stand on the military hospital road. Built in 1909 the church is still in good condition.This Church was built exclusively from contribution made by officers and ranks of the British Army. At present the Church is managed and maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar. Tis church has a sitting capacity of 300 people in its main hall.

St. Francis church-

St. francis church- dalhousie himachal -famous places in indiaThis catholic church is very prominent structure located at Subhash chowk.Like St. Patrick's church is also maintained by Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar.St. Francis' Church on Prtrain hill is believed to have been built on the lines of a certain church in England. Beautiful glasswork and intricate stonework can be seen in the Church. Beside the church lies the residence of priest.

St. Andrew's Church-

Lying about one and a half km away from Dalhousie bus stand this church is also called as the 'church of Scotland'. This church was built in 1903 by protestant chriatian and is in fairly good condition.Recently a boundry wall has been erected around the church to protect it from any damages.

St. John's Church-

St. John's church- dalhousie himachal- famous places in indiaThis is the first church built after the establishment of the city of Dalhousie.The church lies about one and half kms from the Dalhousie main bus stand and is the most prominent structure located on Gandhi chowk.Building of this church is a copy of Roman Catholics Church of England but this church belongs to Protestants. Service is conducted on every Sunday.
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