Anjuna Beach, North Goa-

Located about 18 kms from Panjim and 9 kms from Mapusa, Anjuna beach is popularly known as the freak capital of the world for its Trance Parties and the Hippies.The Village of Anjuna is a five square mile enclosure nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach.Just take a look at what different websites has said about Anjuna beach Goa.
It has an unusual arrangement of red laterite rocks, spread across the white sands, known as the Jewel of Anjuna or Ozran. Anjuna attracts a variety of tourists and is especially popular among foreign backpackers, especially during the Christmas and New Year season.The sea at Anjuna is particularly safe for bathing, while the soft white sands are great for sun bathing, a favourite activity of the sun-starved European tourists.Source

The beach is known for its swaying palms, soft sands and natural beauty. It has an unusual rocky formation overlying a cove of white sand and black rock that juts into the Sea. This area was known as the Jewel of Anjuna and called "Ozran". It was a famous early haunt of the hippies who discovered it in the sixties. The beach is adjacent to Chapora fort. Another must see is the "Albuquerque mansion" located nearby. source

What to see at Anjuna beach-

Although tourists come to this beach due to variety of reasons but the most exciting things you can do at Anjuna beach are-

1) Enjoy full-moon parties
2) Shop on wednesday flea market

Flea Market-
Every wednesday a flea market is organised here at Anjuna beach. It is held at the northern end of the beach and you can shop here for some handicrafts from kashmir and Tibet and gujarati and rajasthani clothes. But be cautious while purchasing from here.You have to bargain to get things at reasonable prices.If you are good at bargaining , you can get commodities at virtually throw away prices. Even if you don't wish to buy anything, I will advice you to just visit this market and you will surely end up buy something.

Full moon parties-
Anjuna beach is also famous for its moonlit parties. You will get a nice confluence of Indian dance and goan dances with the western music.If you are in goa to see the west meeting the east then I would suggest you to take part in the parties organised at Anjuna beach.

Bathing is relatively safer at Anjuna beach.Particularly at the southern end of the beach the sea is kept calm by a rock headland. Southern end is calm and quiet and is good for solitude lovers.

How to reach Anjuna beach,Goa-

You can hire taxis and motorcycle taxis to reach this beach.It takes just around 15 minutes to reach here by taxis.If you have tight budget you may reach here by buses. There is regular bus service from both Mapusa and Panjim.

Where to stay near Anjuna Beach-

Although there are limited options available if you wish to stay near Anjuna beach.There are a few resorts near this beach but most of them are full during high seasons.You may stay in the houses of the villagers and fishermen residing here as paying guest.You have to make prior booking in resorts if you wish to stay near Anjuna beach through internet or other sources.

Nearby places to Anjuna beach-

Chapora fort- Near to the Anjuna beach lies the Chapora fort which used to be a Muslim ruler domain prior to Muslim invasion.Except for some ruins the fort is well preserved.

Mascarenhas Mansion-The L-shaped seat along the length of the porch is of expensive wood. It has some of the finest stained glass floral etchings.

Albuquerque Mansion-
This Albuquerque mansion was built in 1920. Octagonal towers and an attractive Mangalore tile-roof border this magnificent mansion.

Eating out-

The beach itself and the village has some good places to eat where you can enjoy some goan cuisines as well as western food.Most of these places are simple semi-open air sites roofed by palm leaves.You can also get some fruits on the beach but don't eat them before properly washing them.

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