Vagator Beach, North Goa-

vagator beach-goa beach-famous places in indiaVagator beach, situated north of Anjuna beach and separated from it by a cliff and some grasslands ,is undeniably one of the best beaches when it comes to scenic beauty.Vagator beach is divided into three parts by a seaside cliff.To the north of the headland is the north Vagator which is the main part and to the south is a smaller beach called Ozrant beach or mini vagator.The area just at the foot of the headland comprises the third part of the vagator beach and is called as Tel Aviv beach.

North vagator beach-

vagator beach- beaches in goa-travelling to indiaThe north vagator beach is the largest and main part of the vagator beach.It is studded with visitors and tourists during high seasons.Generally it is more crowded than its southern counterpart.White white sands, black igneous rocks scattered around the beach and lush greenery and shade provided by coconut and palm trees ,north Vagator beach is a delight to watch.You will enjoy bathing and partying here.Even a bare-footed walk down the beach is an unforgettable experience.

Ozrant beach or Mini Vagator beach-

vagator beach- goa beach- tourism places in indiaThis is the southern counterpart of the main vagator beach and is separated from it by a cliff on the seaside.It is largely a secluded beach or you can say an undiscovered beach.The beast thing you can do here is retire and relax and revitalize yourself.Just take a book with yourself and start reading it in the calm of Ozrant beach.There is a spring named Zor on the mini Vagator beach or Ozrant beach and bathing here to get clear of salty water is an awesome experience.

Tel aviv beach-

vagator beach- beaches in goa- famous places in indiaThe smallest part of the Vagator beach and situated on the foot of the cliff is somewhat a mixture of its northern and southern counterpart.To the north of the cliff towards the main Vagator beach there lies another spring.Taking bath here in this spring is refreshing.

How to reach Vagator beach-

vagator beach- goa beach- travelling to india

Vagator beach is situated about 22 kms from Panjim, the capital of Goa and around 10 kms from Mapusa.Buses from panajim as well as Mapusa run every 15 minutes towards the Vagator beach.From the bus sstand you can reach Vagator beach by just walking for a few minutes. Alternatively , you may hire taxis and motor-cycle taxis to reach here. You may asl your hotel manager to arrange for your transportation by taxis.

Places to see around Vagator beach-

Chapora fort-

vagator beach- beaches in goa- tourism places in indiaTo the south of the main vagator beach, on a cliff lies the Chapora fort. The view of the sea and the beach from this site is astounding.Chapora fort was originally built by Adil Shah of Bijapur.The red laterite bastion, crowning the rocky bluff, was built by the Portuguese in 1617 on the site of an earlier Muslim structure.Although the fort today is ruined but the view of the sea from this site is bewitching.

Chapora village-

The village around the Vagator is called as Chapora.The village gives a perfect reflection of the life in Goan villge. Chapora village is largely a fishing village and the fishermen here are quite extravagant in their words while describing their catch.If you are nice enough to them ,they might take you to the sea on a fishing trip.

Places to stay near Vagator Beach-

The options to stay near vagator beach are limited and mostly comprise of rented houses and a few resorts. Getting a place during high seasons is near impossible.

Eating Out at Vagator Beach-

vagator beach- goa beach- travelling to indiaThere are many cafes and restaurants on the lane that lead to Ozrant beach.You may enjoy ssome goan cuisines and specialities at the sea-food joints placed around the main vagator beach.There are many fruit sellers on the north vagator beach and you can enjoy some food made of coconut there.

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